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Fred Lasserre

Fred Lasserre

Fred Lasserre began his dance career in Biarritz, southwest of France, at the Jean Ospital Dance Studio, in 1971, with jazz and tap dance techniques.

In 1974,
he went to Paris, where he continued his training at the Académie Internationale de Danse with Jacques Alberka in jazz, Marcia Gregg in tap dance, and Ricardo Nunez in ballet. Then he moved to the Académie Chaptal, Paris, and trained with Jacques Alberka in jazz, and Nora Kiss in ballet.
In 1976,
he became a member of Jacques Alberka Dance Co. The same year he began his first teaching experience at the O:M:S Val d'Argenteuil, near Paris.

He continued his dance training at the Montparnasse Dance Studio with Aline Roux in modern dance (Graham technique), and with Andrej Glegowski in ballet.
In 1977,
he became a member of Aline Roux Dance Co, and toured with the companys performance Rythme et Structure in France, and elsewhere in Europe. At the same time, he was training with Jacqueline Finaert at the Paris Centre Studio in ballet and floor-barre techniques. He kept this intensive training for three years.

In March 1979,
he was a principal dancer in Soleil O, a film musical directed by Med Hondo, in Paris.
In May 1979,
he went on tour with the performance Rythme et Structure, and Aline Roux Dance Co, performing in Guyana, Barbados, and at the Riverside Dance Festival in New York.
In June 1979,
he was a member of the Thierry Godeffroy Tap Dance Co for several performances in Paris and France.
In July 1979,
he was a principal dancer and a rehearsal assistant for the musical Cotton Club, Manhattan Satin, directed and choreographed by Victor Upshaw, in Paris.
In June 1980,
he went to New York’s Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, and obtained a scholarship to study there with Ana Marie Forsythe in Horton modern dance technique, Michael Maule in ballet, Alvin Mac Duffy in jazz, and Penny Frank in Graham modern dance technique.

In September of the same year, he was a member of the Linda Diamond Dance Co in New York, and performed at the Symphony Space, and around the New York City.
In 1981,
he has choreographed his first solo piece Mambo Libertad. During the same year, he had a six months scholarship at the school of American Ballet Theatre with to study ballet Patricia Wilde.
In September 1981,
he obtained a grant for one year from the French Ministry of Culture to continue his studies at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center with Ana Marie Forsythe in Horton modern dance technique, Denise Jefferson in Graham modern dance technique, Dolores Brown and Walter Raines in ballet. He continued studying jazz with Fred Benjamin at the Clark Center, New York.
In 1981, he also
performed with Itsvan Rabowski Ballet in his version of Nutcracker. The next year, he became a member of Nanette Bearden Dance Co, with Sheila Rohan as the ballet mistress.
In 1982,
he performed at the Symphony Space, and different high schools in New York State.
In February/March 1982,
he performed with Fred Benjamin Co, and Jelom Viera Dance Brazil at the Symphony Space
In September 1982,
the French Ministry of Culture renewed his grant, and so he continued his studies at the New York Conservatory of Dance with Vladimir Dokodowski, Nina Strogonova, and Peter Nelson. At the same time, he also studied Horton modern dance technique with Miguel Lopez and Milton Myers at the Joyce Trisler Dance Co, and jazz dance with Fred Benjamin.

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Still in 1982,
he was a member of the Walter Nicks Dance Theatre, and went on tour to several cities at the South of France, where he was later invited to teach in dance workshops. In March 1983, he was performing with WNDT at the Symphony Space.
From June to September 1983,
he was a principal dancer at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club, Principauté of Monaco, in an international show choreographed by Claudette Walker, with such guests like Frank Sinatra, Chita Rivera, and Sammy Davis Jr.
From October 1983 to August 1984,
he was a part of a cultural exchange between Ecuador and France, as a principal dancer (with Aline Roux as a guest choreographer). This exchange was made with the Compania Nacional de Danza del Ecuador, artistic director Marcelo Ordonez. The company was performing all over the country. Special Evening of Duets was created with Aline Roux in Quito, Guyaquil, Esmeraldas. In this company, he served as teacher and choreographer.
In fall 1984,
he went to Bari, Italy, where he taught jazz, Horton modern dance technique and tap dance for two seasons,
1984/1986, at the Scuola Rosana, and at the Scuola Strizzi, with performances at the Teatro Petruzzelli.
In July 1986,
he returned to New York, and was teaching at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center for six months. At the same time, he was a member of the Rebecca Kelly Dance Co, performing at the New York’s Symphony Space, and Washington DC.
In March 1987,
he was a guest of the Forum Karukera Art of Guadeloupe, and at the Esso Dance Festival in Barbados, as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer.
In April 1987,
he was performing at the church of St John the Divine in New York with the Walter Nicks Dance Theatre. Then the company went to Poitiers, France, for several performances.
In September 1987,
he was teaching at the Grenier de la Danse, in Deuil la Barre near Paris. At the same time, he was working with Aline Roux Co as a teacher and choreographer, and then performing with the said company in Paris in May 1988.
From July to December 1988,
he was dancing with Les Ballets Noirs de Paris, artistic director Jean Guelis.
From January to March 1989,
he was a guest teacher at the Centre de Formation Professionnelle de Poitiers.
In April 1989,
he performed Evening of Duets with Aline Roux in Lome, Togo.
In May 1989,
he was invited to Guadeloupe by Vendredi Pichon Organization as a choreographer for the celebration of the bi-centennial of the 1789 French revolution (Lena Blou was the artistic director), for the creation of the ballet Noi tu lover. Then he went to Fort de France, Martinique, invited by the Sermac, the leading cultural organization of Martinique, to choreograph for the Groupe Expérimental de Danse Contemporaine (the artistic director Christiane Emmanuel) for the 18th festival of Fort de France, Poussières d'Iles, July 1989.
From 1989 to 1991,
he was teaching modern and jazz dance at the MJC/TC Colombes, and at the Centre du Marais in Paris. During this period, he was invited to teach at several seminars of modern dance in France, Italy, Spain, Guadeloupe, and Martinique.
In 1991,
he met Marta Stemberger, who introduced him to Slovenia.
In 1990,
he was the artistic director of the Ballet Theatre PointePiednu. From 1990 to 1992, he performed at the Rencontres Departementales de Seine et Marne, Salon de la Danse de Paris at the Mairie du 13e, MJC/TC Colombes, in Ljubljana and Novo Mesto (July 1992).
For three consecutive years (1990, 1991, 1992),
he was invited as a president of the jury for the Jazz Dance Challenge, Pays de la Loire, organized by Viviane Briand and the city of Nantes.
In the 1991/1992 season,
he was teaching Horton at the Centre du Marais and Studio Magenia in Paris.
In September 1992,
he was invited (with Joelle Wargnier and her dance studio) as the artistic director of a young dance company Compagnie Emeraude. Performances where at the Auditorium of Basse-Terre, and at the Centre des Arts de Pointe a Pitre in Guadeloupe.
For three years, 1992/1995,
he was the head of the jazz and contemporary dance department at the Studio Sherer, Pointe a Pitre (the director Simone Texeraud), certified under the French governmental system Diplôme d'état for pedagogy and preparation in the above dance disciplines. As certified under the French governmental system Diplôme d'état [The State Diploma Program], he obtained
in 1993
from the French ministry of culture his Dispenses for Expérience confirmée en matière d'enseignement de la danse [the title of the dance pedagog based on experience] and Renomée particulière [as special recognition as an outstanding pedagog] in jazz and contemporary dance.
In 1994,
for the performance of Le Sacre du Printemps, he joined (with Dominique Casanova, ex-soloist of Béjart Ballets du XXe siècle) Les Ballets du Sud (the artistic director Jean-Jacques Vidal) at the Centre des Arts et de la Culture de Pointe a Pitre, Guadeloupe.
After several dance seminars in Slovenia, he moved to Ljubljana in September 1996, and since then he has been teaching modern dance at the Baletna Šola, as a part of their regular program.
In September 1996,
he became the artistic director of the Slovenski Plesni Projekt. This company was the first one made from Slovenian dancers of all different backgrounds. Since its founding, SPP has performed all over Slovenia: Koper, Bled, Novo Mesto, Velenje, Kostanjevica na Krki, Nova Gorica, Izola, Maribor Lent Festival in 1998, 1999 and 2000, in Ljubljana in Španski Borci, Lutkovno Gledališče, and Cankarjev Dom (April 1998).
SPP was awarded Finaliste Prix Volinine 97 in St.Germain en Laye near Paris, and performed in Czech Republic, and in Italy. As a part of a cultural exchange between Slovenia and Guadeloupe, SPP was invited to Guadeloupe from November 3rd to 9th 1997.
The other part of this exchange was to invite the choreographer and dancer Lena Blou to dance her 40 minutes solo Solitude la Mulatresse in the same evening with SPP at the Maribor Lent Festival in July 1998. The Slovene Ministry of Culture subsidized SPP in 1998, 1999, and 2000.
In May 1998,
the Lasserres choreography Pozabljeni was representing Slovenia at the Ubus Festival Koreografskih Miniatura in Belgrade. The solo was danced by Siniša Bukinac, a soloist of SPP, and won the first prize. The same choreography was selected for the semi final at the 3rd International Dance Competition in Nagoya, Japan, in February 1999.
Since then, Fred Lasserre has been invited to teach and choreograph at the Nagoya Dance Center (the artistic director Ise Jung).
SPP was invited at the Vita Dance Umbrella in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Since 1998,
Fred Lasserre is also the artistic director of Plesni center Ljubljana, a dance center which offers, with the collaboration of the best pedagogues, a variety of dance techniques like ballet, jazz, modern, flamenco, aerobic, floor-barre, contemporary. A place where dance means Art.
In February 2002,
the Lasserres choreography Exit of Narcisse, performed by Siniša Bukinac, entered the finale at the 4th International Ballet and Modern Dance Competition, Nagoya, Japan.

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